How to make a DIY Christmas tree out of pallet wood (video)

High-end looking holiday yard decor doesn't have to break the bank. You can complete this DIY Christmas tree using recycled pallets for about $25. All you need is a little creativity and some basic wood-cutting skills. We'll show you the rest!
So get ready and gather your supplies. Of course, you'll need pallets. You can make as many trees as you have pallets, so get as many as you like. Then, check out the video below to get step-by-step guidance to make this lovely DIY decor this holiday season.
1. Gather your pallets. Try to get pallets that are in good shape, and remove any stray metal. Be sure there aren't any jagged pieces sticking out, and pull out all extra staples and nails before you get started on the next step.
2. Use your measuring tape to find and mark the center point of your pallet. Using a straight, long ruler or large level, hold one end of your ruler at the center piece, and trace a line to the corners of the pallet with a marker or pencil. Or, you can snap a chalk line for a quick finish. You are basically making a giant triangle.
3. Then, run a circular saw along the lines you drew on the top of the slats, paying extra attention to keep from cutting the wood on the bottom of the pallet in the center. You can use this wood to create your base.
4. Lightly sand all the slats on the pallet. It will be easier to sand while the center piece is holding them secure for you. Then, pry the cut slats from the center piece of the pallet. You can paint them a little easier when they are all laid out on a table. Also, you can add more slats from the other side of the pallets to create fuller trees.
5. Paint each slat on both sides with exterior paint if you are going to leave these outdoors, if keeping inside then interior paint is okay. You can customize the colors to whatever you like, or whatever matches your existing decor.
6. While your paint is drying, sketch your slats on a piece of scratch paper and figure out where you are going to put your marquee lights. This is also a good time to make your tree base (instructions below).
7. Depending on the base of your light bulb, you will need to drill a hole to fit it. You can drill test holes in a scrap piece of wood, or hold up your wood drill bit to the end of the light bulb socket to see which one will fit. It's better to drill too small than too big since you can always make it bigger.
8. Once you have the right size hole, you can start drilling for your lights according to the diagram you made. Feed the lights in from the back, and screw the bulbs in from the front.
9. Start threading your lights on the bottom side and go back and forth to the top and then down to the other side again. You want to make sure the extra wire will reach your outlet or extension cord easily from the bottom of the tree.
10. Secure the strings with electrical tape or staples, but be careful not to puncture the wire if you use staples. If you do accidentally puncture a wire, remove the staple and wrap the wire securely with electrical tape.
11. Screw the bulbs in the sockets. Then, plug it in and enjoy!
Pro tip: To make your base, cut equal-length boards from the sturdy centerpiece of your pallets. Then, cut one of those boards in half and attach it to the other piece in an x pattern using wood screws. Attach your tree to the base with wood screws and stand it up with a helper so you're sure it's level and sturdy.

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