How to make a rustic headboard using pallets (video)

Pallets are such an inexpensive, natural way to improve your interior decor; you're really missing out if you're not joining in on this trend. The cheap or free pallet wood can be molded in just a few simple steps into just about anything you want.
Today, we are going to take a look at a DIY headboard using just one pallet and a few simple tools. You don't need to have any kind of woodworking skills, just be willing and follow the easy steps. Check out the video below for full guided instructions to your brand new DIY pallet headboard.
Rustic headboard with pallets
1. After rinsing it off and letting it dry, pull your pallet apart and keep the brackets to one side. You will need to use those later. Remove all extra pieces of metal, stray nails and staples and make sure your slats are sanded and smooth.
2. Measure and cut three equal length slats depending on how tall you want your headboard to be. Make sure two brackets from the pallets are the same length and lay them on your work area side by side. Measure and cut two longer pieces that will determine how wide your pallet headboard will be. You will likely need to use another kind of wood to supplement these longer pieces, like a 2x3.
3. Use an air nailer to attach the brackets to the horizontal and vertical pieces. You want to make sure you are spacing your vertical pieces about equal distance from each other for added support.
4. Drill pilot holes on all the outsides of the brackets where you are going to place your screws. Using a power drill and wood screws, drill the outside brackets to the horizontal pieces for a more sturdy frame.
5. Add more slats to the inside of the frame now that you have it all laid out. This will help give your surface slats something to stick to.
6. Nail slats flat and horizontally across the vertical slats in between the brackets. Don't line them up so the seams are all against each other. Space them out in different ways and be sure to have slats behind them to nail them to.
7. Cut four pieces of wood equal lengths and create finishing corners for the top of your pallet headboard. You can use a nailer to fasten them to the rest of the headboard.
8. Measure and cut a longer piece of wood to serve as your top piece. Using a nail gun, adhere it to the rest of the frame. Drill pilot holes and screw in wood screws for added support.
9. Paint linseed oil and stain to the newer pieces of wood and the cut edges to make them match the rest of the worn pallet wood.
10. Sand everything with a power hand sander to save yourself some elbow grease. Add an optional coat of stain or polyurethane to your finished product.
Pro tip: for a professional look when cutting your slats, start in the middle of the top and work your way out. Then, as you cut the outside pieces, save the excess and start the next row with those pieces. It will create a more random, visually pleasing look.
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